Partnership To Modernize Enterprise Technology.


Partnership To Modernize Enterprise Technology.

SmartShift Technologies and Heirloom computing From Silicon Valley, California based, have decieded on a partnership that will help each other integrate much more modernized services to various enterprise customers who have as of yet to upgraded their services. This partnership will allow the two to offer all sorts of organizations the resources to transfer their aging mainframe enterprise applications to a more modern, open architecture system and cloud computing.

This partnership will combine the enterprise platform as a service experience belonging too Heirloom Computing, alongside SmartShift Technologies on business application optimization, Infrastructure-as-a-service and cloud migration to help enterprises update their IT systems, which will lead to performance improvements, cost reduction and a productivity boost.

“For the first time, companies will be able to move from legacy mainframe infrastructure to modern, open platforms — and the cloud — with a team that truly understands the technologies and processes involved, from implementation to long-term sustainment,” said Stefan Hetges, CEO of smartShift Technologies. “Companies want the best possible performance from their technology, and shifting to open architectures and cloud-based computing is a cost-effective, low-risk strategy to achieve this.”

Plenty of large enterprises are trying to find different ways to reduce their reliance on aging, unaccommodating mainframe technology that are way to expensive to operate and have an increasing shortage of skills. With the partnership between SmartShift Technologies and Heirloom Computing, enterprise are offered to integrate hardware, platform and application sustainment services to translate coding languages like natural and COBOL to more widely used java, and have them transferred to more modern platforms, allowing companies to run and scale these systems with efficiency and affordability in a software as a s service on the cloud.


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