Path Introduces Android App!


Path Introduces Android App!

Path, a San Francisco based mobile app startup, released it’s Android version of the app today. Path is a personalized private messaging app for your friends and family members. The startup has been growing rapidly. Path has been acquiring 1 million new users per week. The startup entered a Series C funding on January 10th, 2014 for 25 million dollars. Their previous rounds include a seed funding of 2.5 million, a series A of 8.6 million, and a Series B of 30 million dollars.

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Path is the supreme app for private instant messaging between you and your close family members and friends. You can privately share videos, photos, and music with the people that matter in your life. The most highly rated thing about the app is the superior design. The UX is flawless and easy to use. It’s an eye catching and addictive app from the start.

Inner Circle

The inner circle function of this app allows you to filter out your post. You can choose who you want to share your post to and also create separate list for different groups. Choose who sees each post. Post moments and filter your feed to only your closest friends.


Path at the end of the day is a high quality messaging client. Message with text, your voice, and stickers. Be yourself and express yourself beautifully. The app comes with beautifully designed emoicons and sticker images. Shines well in all of your messages.

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Share Anywhere

Although the main goal of Path is to allow private and secure messaging, you can share all of your post over on the popular social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, foursquare and many more.

When Path was only a seed of an idea, and a few people holed up and dreaming in a San Francisco apartment, the startup laid out our mission and the ideals that would guide their way. Over the past few years, the product has undergone many changes, but the startup’s values have never changed.

Path originally was created for the iOS iphone system only, but eventually progressed to the Kindle Fire. Today Path released an Android version for Android users. In addition to the new Android release, the app also has a new video integrated feature. You can now capture a video and send it out as a post or as a direct message to your close love ones.

Download the app directly at the playstore/appstore or check out their website below:



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