Petty Pet Salon Game App Clocks in 3.5bil Plays


Petty Pet Salon Game App Clocks in 3.5bil Plays

Petty Pet Salon is a casual RPG style game developed by game developing startup Animoca. The startup is based in Hong Kong and have developed other casual games as well. In Hong Kong, consumers like to play casual and “cute” games. Word of mouth passes on quickly in Hong Kong.

Petty Pet Salon

Petty Pet Salon is a strategy mobile app game. The game is set in a virtual grooming salon presented in a fixed, third person, one-point perspective view. The player has a full view of the entire salon at all times, where service stations are affixed. Players start off with one staff by the name of Piglina. The objective of the game is to increase the salon’s level.

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Each game day lasts for approximately 2.5 minutes during which a number of customers will automatically enter the salon with their pets. Upon entering, an icon will appear on top of each customer’s pet to indicate which service they require. The player must then drag the pet to the appropriate station, after which an exclamation mark icon will appear on top of the pet. At that point, the player must tap on the pet in order for their staff to attend to it, and only afterward will the service be completed. Each pet may require more than one service per visit.

Customers and their pets have a limited amount of patience, which serves as a time limit for each service. If pets are not served within the time limit, the owner along with their pet will leave the salon without payment.

Some people have complained that this game frustrates them when they can’t reach the next level, but for the most part most of the players are saying that it is a fun game and keeps them entertained. Like many other games in made in Asia, there is an Asian version and an English version. The game has been around for a while and most of the revenue that the startup is generating comes from in game purchases. We have seen in game purchases give insane boost to game developing startups like Candy Crush. The other games that this game startup develops are:

Among its many titles, the top five games are:

  1. Pretty Pet Salon
  2. Star Girl
  3. My Car Salon
  4. Doraemon Repair Shop
  5. Thor: Lord of Storms

Visit the startup’s English site here:


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