PhiSix Fashion Lab Acquired By Ebay.


PhiSix Fashion Lab Acquired By Ebay.

PhiSix Fashion Lab a up in coming startup, that involves the use of 3D computer graphic to model various clothing, has been acquired by Ebay in hopes of offering their customers a virtual fitting room.

Ebay wishes to continue its hold on the its growing share of online apparel purchases against its competitors. Recent studies have shown that online retails sales in the U.S. for apparel and accessories shall soar up to $88 billion by 2016, this research done by eMarketer, shows one of the largest online retail category made up of computers an consumer electronics, went up from $54 billion in 2013.

The Software created by PhiSix has been shown to work both online and offline to allow the consumer to check out the fitness of the clothing, like its movement in various amounts of environment without actually having to wear them. This was mentioned in a blog by the e-commerce company.

The concept behind the virtual fitting rooms isn’t exactly a new thing. it has been attempted before and did not meet the preference of many consumers. They would prefer to wear the close physically more themselves then anything.

With the use of 3D models, the shoppers can use the virtual fitting room to place the clothing in various scenarios to show off how well the clothing would fit in such place. The scenarios reach all types from walking down a street to even hitting a golf course.

At the current moment, the terms for acquisition have not been released. Ebay have mentioned it could integrate Phisix Technology across its product portfolio.


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