Pinterest Attacked With Weight Loss Spam and Suggestive Pics.


Pinterest Attacked With Weight Loss Spam and Suggestive Pics.

Since the beginning of its launch in 2011 Pinterest has become the chosen social network for those who are trying to share shopping,decorating and general ideas behind their hobbies, of course recent actions have lead for a turn of the worst when viewers had went on  to the sites and found suggestive pictures of women posteriors posted all over the site due to accounts getting hacked.

This was viewed by everyone who had went on the sites, with the suggestive images all being captioned with weight loss spam and various kinds of give-away offers.


Reports of the hack had first began to surface on Twitter during the night, Although the Better Business Bureaus had warned the site during the beginning of the month over the amount of spam the social platform had been increasing over time, so its possible that those following the warning might have been taken by surprise.

Pinterest has been made aware of the current issue plaguing its site and has announced that they are currently investigating the security problems, they are not actively taking action on taking down the offensive pins down as the problems seems to appear to be other websites that host ‘Pin this’ button features and not Pinterest servers directly.

All of the big Social media platforms have become targets for hackers over the past couple of year, Reason as why are particularly due to their use of web applications, which can easily be utilized as an conduit for spreading malicious viruses.

Security Tips.

According to a report done by the PewResearch study, over 21 percent of internet user have had an email or social networking account compromised or stolen by someone else without there permission and over 11 percent of internet user  have had important personal information stolen from them, such as their credit card numbers, social security numbers, and bank account information.

In an effort to provide users a way from preventing something like this from happening some online security advice had been posted by the Council of Better Business Bureaus. The issued guideline is called Five Tips to Keep Your Pinterest Account Secure:

  • Report hacked pin: if you spot a spam pin, report it to Pinterest by clicking the flag icon at the bottom of the image.
  • Change your password: If you suspect someone has hacked your account, rest your password in Settings.
  • Only login to official sites: These include and the official mobile app.
  • Be careful about linking your account to other social media: once scammers gain access, they can easily share spam pins on your Twitter and Facebook feeds.
  • Check before you pin: Before you repin, hover on the image and check the destination link corresponds with the info on the pin.

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