Why Pinterest Might Be A Better Marketing Tool Than Facebook


Why Pinterest Might Be A Better Marketing Tool Than Facebook

When it comes to social media marketing for your startup, most people would think about using Facebook or Twitter. A lot of startups and entrepreneurs still isn’t using Pinterest. Pinterest is actually one of the most effective social media marketing tool out there. The conversion for sales is higher on Pinterest than on both Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest received a lot of funding in the recent year and have been pushing out new features to make it easier for startups to market their product. Let’s take a quick look at why Pinterest might be a better marketing tool than Facebook.

“Pins” Are Likely To Stay On Longer

Pins tend to stay on your board longer than a post on Facebook does. For Facebook, most people will never go to your page. A lot of people on Facebook might see your post on their newsfeed, but it becomes “old” after a while and vanishes away. Pins on the other hand stay on your board and most people that browse on Pinterest wants to get an eye on some interesting stuff, so it’s more likely that they will view your entire catalog on Pinterest. Think of this effect like a Wikipedia effect, where people keep browsing onto other topics and links on Wikipedia one after another.

You can also rearrange pins, share them, or repin them. This keeps your content on Pinterest fresh. It’s like a photobook that stays fresh for your potential customers to view. Facebook allows you to “pin” your post to the top, but it doesn’t let you rearrange them or let you decide how you want to change the layout.

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Pinterest’s Video Feature Is Gaining Popularity

The video feature on Pinterest has been gaining a lot of popularity. The most awesome thing about the video feature is the ability to continue browsing through other pins while watching your video. On Facebook, if you were to watch a video on your newsfeed, and you scroll down, you would have missed out on the video.

In a way, the startup is changing how people view entertainment such as magazines. Essentially, you are creating a magazine of your product with video pages. Due to this, you can convert sales a lot more because you have all your product details all in one place for your potential customers to view. You could make it like a magazine of Youtube!

pinterest video

Pinterest has a “Rich Pin” Feature

You could run successful ad campaigns on Facebook, but we’ve been seeing less and less return on investment for Facebook ads. A lot of people consider Facebook ads as useless and filled with spam. Pinterest did a good job with keeping spam away and introduced a “Rich Pin” function similar to paying for ads.

The Rich Pin feature is different from just buying ads like you would on other social media platforms. Marketers can add pricing, availability, and where to buy information to their pins to drive traffic to a website or to retail partners. This will help your pins stand out more. In addition to that Pinterest inserted a notification system where a customer could sign up for notification emails on price changes for your product. It’s an awesome way of letting your customers know that you have a discount or price drop.

pinterest rich pins

Most Pins Are Repins

Most pins that happen on Pinterest are actually repins of existing photos. Remember the power of social media and how a lot of media websites gained attention due to shares and retweets. You could harness the power of Pinterest the same way. It is said that 80% of the pins on the platform are repins, that means that people are actively sharing your content. It’s like building up an ant farm.

The reason why repins are more effective than sharing on facebook is because most people on Pinterest are looking to purchase something new or discover something new. That means that users don’t log in the platform to see what they’re friends are up to or about the latest finance news. They’re there to discover and possibly convert to buying something. If you were to log onto the platform and you see something that seems extremely attractive, chances are that you will convert to buying it or at the minimum click the “see more” button.

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Most of the users are female

What’s good about that? Well, we all know that female tend to purchase a lot more fashion related goods than men. Female are more willing to spend their salary on fashion and clothing. Female are more likely to tell their friends about a stunning product that they discovered than men would. Remember the last time when your wife, girlfriend, or female friend told you that they really want to buy that new shoe that just came out and you were force to pay for it even though you didn’t like it. That is the power of female shopping!

Pinterest’s Trending Product Widget

Pinterest has a trending product widget that allows boards to show their most repinned or showcase items. This is like the featured version of your homepage on your ecommerce store. When someone goes to your board, they can see exactly what items are “hot” and what items other people like. Shoppers love this feature because it allows them to feel safe about your product because they know that other people like your item too. It’s always great to have a feature item that they might find attractive as well. There is a little sticker label on the pins that show how long the item has been trending to help your startup build brand exposure.

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Overall, a lot of people get better returns on Pinterest when it comes to sales compared to Facebook and Twitter. The pictures, the videos, and all the additional features that the site has been implementing has made shopping much easier for consumers and marketing much easier for individual business owners. If your marketing strategy does not include Pinterest, now is the time to get started and drive more traffic to your site!

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