Pluto Mail, The App That Helps Users Unsend Emails They Regret.


 Pluto Mail, The App That Helps Users Unsend Emails They Regret.

There are times in our lives where we tend to accidentally send someone a messaging that has not been complete or maybe even replying to every on your list instead of the chosen selected that you wished to originally send to.

Fixing Mistakes.

In response to these little mishaps, two Harvard Law School students David S. Gobaud and Lindsay Lin have created the Pluto Mail, A free service that will allow users to unsend, edit, and auto-expire emails after having pressed send.

“I don’t think anyone has done this before the way we have done it,” Gobaud said. “It let’s you keep using your same email address, your same email client, and the receivers do not have to be using the service.”

According to both Gobaud and Lin, the method system seems to have a large market appeal since most people would wish to avoid grammar errors and reply-all accidents. Although, they did notice that the system may also benefit corporations looking for ways to improve their email protection policies by automatically deleting old emails.

“There’s a niche of people out there in the world who really care about security and they want their emails to expire,” Lin said. “We fulfill that niche.”

At the moment, Pluto Mail is still in private beta stage, with over 600 users and many more on the waiting list. Lin and Gobaud hope to create a plugin for Google Chrome in order to make the system even more user-friendly before releasing the email service to the public.

The development, incorporation, and design for Pluto Mail was mostly done between the two’s dorm over the past couple of months, according to Gobaud.

“Everything that you see on the website was created by us,” he said.

Backgrounds and Funds.

Both Gobaud and Lin have an interest with entrepreneurship and technical background. Gobaud managed to graduate from Stanford in 2010 with a degree in computer science, had previously worked for Google and launched a software automation team at the White House before going to Law School.

Lin had graduated from the University of Virginia back in 2014, with a degree in mathematics, began creating websites in grade school and helped with the design of the website. After having spent time in the investment banking division at Lazard before going to Law School. Lin has also helped the two guide discussions about raising capital.

As Pluto Mail continues to gain popularity and used more often, Gobaud and Lin have begun to search for software engineers to include within their team.

The two co-founders have managed to gain help from the Harvard Innovation Lab, where they met up with venture capital firms and received help from mentors. Although Lin and Gobaud have decided upon waiting to raise capital at the time being, and have instead decided to bootstrap the project until venture capital is absolutely necessary.

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