POS Rep Veteran Based Startup/Social Network


POS Rep Veteran Based Startup/Social Network

POS rep is a veteran based startup located in Los Angeles, California that provides a social network for veterans. In the United States we have over 22 million veterans and a majority of them have a hard time transcending back to the civilian life after their terms.  POS REP Co-Founder Jake Wood and Anthony Allman decided to build a social network startup for veterans to connect with each other. Every year there are more veterans suiciding than veterans dying in combat.

Their Story

Co-Founder Jake Wood didn’t just decide to build POS rep out of nowhere. The inspiration for POS REP is Sgt Clay Hunt, USMC (1982-2011). Clay Hunt served in the Marine Corps with POS REP Co-Founder Jake Wood and deployed in the same section to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Clay returned to civilian life deeply scarred with the mental and emotional wounds of war, and as a result, served as a leading national advocate for veterans with PTSD.

Check out the 60 minute interview video below:

The Features of POS Rep

POS Rep isn’t a high tech complicated app. The features are simple and it’s intention is straight forward.


With radar you can locate nearby veterans. You can “pop a flare” as a way of greeting them.


POS REP allows you to create squads so you can stay in contact with your team after your veteran life. Great way to keep that family relationship going. The feature is similar to a friends list.

Custom Profile Page With Badges

Hold on and show off your rewards even after you leave the military. You severed in the military and paid your dues, now you can keep it for life and be proud.

pos rep startup


Army and squad style chat function on the app that allows you to send messages to your squad or other veterans.

POS REP will also serve as a universal mobile platform for the non-profit, government and private sector organizations that support veterans reintegration.

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