POS Supply Solutions Launches of New Feature- Packed Website.


POS Supply Solutions Launches of New Feature- Packed Website.

POS Supply Solution has recently announced the launching of the newly designed website, which in succinctly not only discovered also functionality but include at the center of user-friendly features.”The website was re-designed from the ground up with optimized customer experience at the center of each and every development decision,” said Mark Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing / Digital Commerce. The site claims of visually driven navigation and intuitive user tools that make searching, shopping and managing order much easier, from single-store pizza shops to deals that make the service hundreds of retailers


The most common products and categories are accessible with a single-click right from the homepage. Long-time customers of POS Supply will be delighted to find “filtered” searching (aka “faceted navigation”) – where narrowing or broadening a search by common attributes (such as subcategory, size, color, application, etc.) is presented in context to any search or category navigation.

With regard to the Mobile-Centric design, CEO Stephen Enfield said, “We recognize more and more that mobile devices are a fixture in day-to-day business life – so we made sure to develop a website that not only looks fantastic, but works seamlessly from PC to Tablet to iPhone.”


One of the newest features is the POS Supply Finder, which allows customers to identify the make and model of their POS hardware, and click to see the paper rolls, printer ribbons or other products that correspond with their specific equipment. “This is a great tool for those newer customers who may be unsure of what they need,” says Enfield.

The “My Account” Dashboard is being touted as the “secret sauce” of the new design. Customers have full visibility to their order history, package tracking, and helpful management tools. For example, “Quick Re-Order” displays a list of previously purchased items which can be added to a cart, paid for and processed for fulfillment in a few simple clicks. “My Account” features additional tools such as Order by SKU, Re-Order by Item, Re-Order by Prior Orders & Manage Stored Payment Information. The improved features will make ordering easier than ever and will allow customers to better manage supplies for their respective businesses.

“One of the crowning achievements,” says Enfield, “is our ability to provide ‘Intelligent Shipping Rates’ to our customers.”

“On the previous platform, there was no means for us identify the actual inventory origin, so all rates were calculated as if being shipped from our Danvers, MA warehouse. For our west coast customers, this often produced un-necessary sticker-shock on the shipping rates. The truth is, we always had the items shipped from the closest warehouse to the customer, and would adjust the billed amount accordingly.” He was eager to follow that up stating, “When customers login or provide a destination zip code, our new system automatically calculates shipping from the closest warehouse with availability – saving our customers on time-in-transit and actual shipping costs.”

“Now that’s a WIN-WIN!” exclaimed Enfield.

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