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Google glass has allowed society to take a huge leap in the technology world, but the technology eye wear industry isn’t at its peak yet. Augmate is the first wearable platform that accelerates the development of cloud-based digital eyewear applications. With Augmate, you can build apps for future eye wears and utilize complex API systems along with it.



– Flexible development environment for building digital eyewear applications
– Device agnostic software that maximizes hardware capabilities
– Enterprise database plug-in capabilities for seamless integration.
– Connect with third party API providers to optimize user experience.
– Cloud based application platform
– Enterprise level security

As of now, some of Augmate’s customers include Toyota, Epson, Pfizer , Vuzix. Some notable projects include a paid prototype for Toyota of “Warehouse Inventory Management Digital Eyewear Application” on Google Glass & Vuzix. 

Augmate’s mission statement:

Augmate provides visual efficiency tools for businesses and consumers by merging the digital and physical worlds using eye-wear and mobile devices. By maximizing the users field of view our eye-wear approach presents information where it is needed rather than on the small screen of portable devices. Our product set will address industry verticals by helping employees become more efficient and productive. We propose to break the chain of stationary computers and cut the tether of the laptop to let people have computing and Internet access seamlessly integrated into their daily lives.

Here is Augmate’s demo video:


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