Programming Help Site Codementor Secures $600,000 In Seed Funding.


Programming Help Site Codementor Secures $600,000 In Seed Funding.

Codementor, a startup that will connect developers who have are having a mental black with coding experts, has just managed to secure over $600,000 in seed funding round. Joining the round of investment include, CEO and managing partner of Techstars David Cohen, CTO of GLG Will Ballard, Jose Marin, Techstars, Fabrice Grinda, founder of classifieds sites OLX Alec Oxenford, TMI, and others.

Future Features.

Weiting Liu Founder of Codementor has stated that the funding will be used to create the site’s feature set and increase the current five-member team, although the true value of this round are the people who have managed to pitch in on it.

“All of these angels are strategic investors who have experience in  building successful marketplaces themselves,” says Liu. “We’re a Techstars company, so the fact that the founder of Techstars himself has participated in this round of funding is a huge vote of confidence. We also look up to GLG and OLX, so receiving funding from them is a huge vote of confidence as well.”

The Works.

The premise for Codementor is really simple and its quite amazing that service like this hasn’t already existed. Any programmer who is having difficult problems with a code can simply register to join Codementor, describe their predicament, and issue a request for help. They’ll then be asked about there current budget and availability. After the request has been submitting , they’ll be matched with a potential mentor, each who shall be charging every 15-minutes interval. On the other hand, if a user has a particular mentor in mind, they can submit a request for that specific person. Once the matching has been confirmed, coders will not be able to video chat one-on-one and help the users fix their bugs. Codementor has managed to bring in a lot of experts due to either word of mouth or direct communication.

“We think of ourselves as an addition to great resources out there like GitHub or Stack Overflow,” says Liu. “Those websites are like research you might do at a library. We think of Codementor as a live one-on-one tutor or professor.”

After only being launched for six months, Codementor has managed to gain over 600 mentors, all whom have been personally approved from an application poll made up of 2,5000. This startup has recruited some noteworthy name as mentors, which include the founder of Mochi Media, Bob Ippolito and the creator behind Github’s Homebrew Package manager Max Howell.

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