Projecting Your Smart Device Screen On any Surface With HaloTouch.


Projecting Your Smart Device Screen On any Surface With HaloTouch.

Everyone wished you could share your pictures or videos with friends and family member, and the only way everyone could was by crowding around you and trying to look at the tiny screen? Can be quite annoying and uncomfortable. Well now theirs no need to worry, with this new little gizmo by the name of HaloTouch.

The HaloTouch is a device that will allow a smartphone or tablet to project the screen on any surface, which in turn allows the owner to use it as a touch input as well. The Surface can vary from being flat to non-flat and even pieces of glass can meld with it. The HaloTouch is an all new way for users to interact with their smart devices in a more natural way with a decent affordable price.

 Android phones and tablets can be turned into A big touch screen on any surface with the Halo Touch, and in doing so it will allow you to use it and interact with it in many ways. By downloading a drawing application for example, you can use it as a either a whiteboard for either business or educational purposes. The Halo Touch was created for everyont to be able to easily share information with each other, whether its to show a map, browse the internet, or even play some game with friends.
  Now the device has this little camera of sorts that projects the screen to the wall, while wearing the TouchRing that comes with the product, the user will have the camera follow there movements and easily interact with the projected screen. The TouchRing can be used on any surfaces as long as the user has it visible to the camera.
Halo-Digi Technology are still currently working on the device but have made huge results on their product. At the current moment they are having a kickstarter running. If you wish to support them, then please follow the link below.

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