Promote Your Local Business With Sovi’s Social Media App.


Promote Your Local Business With Sovi’s Social Media App.

A new social media application has popped up recently, from a group do developers from Greenville, and has been made available for the public. This little application named ‘Sovi’ which was founded by Samuel “Trey” Pringle III, Tom Evans, Hannah Tate, are all locals of Greenville have made their app available for the App Store.

Local Promotion.

Sovi is a platform that allows local businesses and event promoters to post up and market their sales and events to the local community. Local organization and even promoters can publish their events onto Sovi to spread the word of their upcoming event. Once the Sovi app has been fired up, the users should be able to see all sorts of social events, organized by time and proximity of their current location.

Events can be filtered by either time, date, location and category allowing users to be able to find any event that is more close to their liking. Furthermore, people who use the Sovi app will be able to follow any of their favorite even publisher and have easy access to any of their posted future events.

The app is currently being used by local business from the creators very own home town of Greenville, as well as Charlotte, Atlanta, and Nashville market areas. A few of its most currently notable event publishers includes, Marathon Music Works, Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville Road Warriors, and Charleston Music Hall, the company commented.

History and Goals.

The company was first funded by both Pringle and Evans from their very own funds during April of 2012. These two are both Software developers who came together and built the app for an entire year, while jugging between working full-time and other sorts of obligations.

The beta version of this application was launched sometime in May of 2013. Pringle has mentioned that over the last 6 months “we have grown the application to over 4,000 users and received two sizeable investments.”

“Our goal has always been to create a social media application that has the ability to connect individuals with their community through local events. It’s exciting to see Sovi gaining momentum and making the impact for local businesses and individuals that we envisioned from the beginning,” said Pringle, Sovi’s COO and co-founder.

“We feel strongly that our Greenville heritage definitely provided us with the tools to grow our company to this point,” Pringle said.


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