Launches New Software-as-a-Service Platform.

1 Launches New Software-as-a-Service Platform.

An upcoming Texas Technology startup has recently launched its new software platform that allows business of all sizes to leverage a popular and growing manage process to measure the loyalty of their customers and promote organic growth, according to officials.

Customer Feedback.’s software will take the complexity and expensive cost of Net Promotor Score (NPS) Implementations and offer a platform that shall produce stronger customer engagement, creating more “actionable” feedback, delivering measurable results and drive customer recommendations with simple ease.

NPS has been used by some top brands, such as Southwest Airlines, Rackspace, Apple, USSA, and much more, for nearly a decade to determine what creates the most effective loyal customer and how to engage in those “promotions’ to actively refer more business. The system is created around converting customer experience and earning there loyalty while increase the growth of revenue.

Although, companies have had to arouse the cost of hiring consultants to conduct and compile survey’s or developing a way for internal teams to execute it by using a variety of tools in order to develop for other purposes. Beside the cost, results have been varied depending on the type of knowledge and experience behind the person who is conducting the surveys and how closely they are able to follow the prescribed methodology.

Engagement. is an end-to-end Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that utilizes to easily implements the entirety of Net Promoter System, without necessarily having to hire an expert or certified consultant. The main feature include a point-and-click campaign creator that allows the company to build, launch and analyze surveys within minutes, This also includes a custom analytics for NPS, an application engagement portal for teams, and trend analysis that will empower leadership and increase confidence in critical next steps.

“We provide the ability for small to medium-sized businesses and business units in large companies to tap into the enormous potential of NPS engagement that enterprises have been taking advantage of for years,” said Chad Keck, CEO & Founder of “Customer loyalty measured with NPS has a direct link to customer behavior and loyal customers equate to more revenue, both themselves and by recommending brands and services to others.”

In order to being, customers must choose from a monthly subscription plan based around the volume of survey’s they require. Simple and flexible prices are available for any company of size and consistently measure their Net Promoter Score and collects feedback, delivering a global-class customer experience and increase revenue.

To get started, customers choose from a monthly subscription plan based on the volume of surveys they require. Simple and flexible pricing allows a company of any size to consistently measure their Net Promoter Score and collect actionable feedback, deliver a world-class customer experience and grow revenue.

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