Propell Technologies Launces Their New Corporate and Product Websites.


Propell Technologies Launces Their New Corporate and Product Websites.

Propell Technologies Group the exclusive US licensee of a plasma pulse technology for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) unveiled its new corporate site last month and its subsidiary, Novas Energy site yesterday, August 20th.


The corporate site, incorporates numerous features to streamline browsing and create a more informative experience for the Company’s current and potential investors.

Major features of the new site include easily accessible investor presentations, stock data, real time news feeds and easily searchable archives of corporate materials and information.

It also includes a blog, that provides commentary to investors on corporate and industry developments.

The new subsidiary site, provides detailed technical information on the Company’s Plasma Pulse petroleum well stimulation treatment and has features which allow well operators to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the treatment’s potential for their specific wells. It also contains past well treatment results that demonstrate its capabilities.


“Part of Propell’s mission is presenting stakeholders the information they seek in the clearest and most organized way. As our official online portal, accurately reflects the excitement of what we have to offer to shareholders and to those with whom we do business,” commented John Huemoeller II, president and CEO.

“Furthermore, we expect that will be a central source of sales information for customers and will be a useful resource in our sales efforts,” he continued.

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