Protesting Done Clean And Easy With No Disinformation.


Protesting Done Clean And Easy With No Disinformation.

Today we introduce an up coming app that will help people organize a protest for various functions. The creator of this little application goes by the name of David Crawford and he wishes to find a way to modernize protesting.

Now the creation for this application is very simple idea, its to bring people to protest for a common cause.

The one major leading problem are people lives tend to get in the way and information they may be interested has spread to all sorts of organization and various websites. This application will have cause a big change that will be caused by all the disinformation caused by these media sites. It will reference and inform the users of all the current real time action happening with the current cause.

The campaign can be created and uploaded through a template within the app, then it shall be circulated to the rest of the community, who will be allowed to join in on the action during the development. The entire community can vote wither they agree with certain strategies that have been proposed by various members. That is if the creator of the campaign has given his permission to do so.

This Information can be distributed through smart phones and there will be a filtering option to easily access and find the type of campaign one would be interested in partaking. The user has a verity of choices to choose whether the wish for more then one type of category and protest to run on their app.

This app is being created to try and piece the right information together instead of have big organizations like the media and political governments from tampering and causing disinformation.

David Crawford is currently running a Campaign on Kickstarters in hopes of getting funding and hiring a team of coders and developers to help him set this application up. If interested please follow the link provided and support with what little you can.




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