Q Ventures, New Online Investment Platform That connects With Startups.


Q Ventures, New Online Investment Platform That connects With Startups.

A new online private investment club named Q Ventures, combines the investing power of leading entrepreneurs to back promising startups with more capital. “Highly vetted” investment network will see angels and venture capital firms work together to close “equity goal” faced by fast-growth companies. Founding members of Q Venture include Michael Acton Smith, Richard Reed and Harvey Goldsmith.


The combined investing power of veteran invest such as the legendary music producer Harvey Goldsmith, Moonpig founder Nick Jenkons and Quintessentially co-founder Arron Simpson will allow small companies to raise far more then what can normally be gained though traditional angel networks.

Founder of Q Ventures, Lex Deak, stated that the investment club, which in centered on an online platform, could help take on the so called “equity gap”, the lack of high quality equity finance between  £250,000 and £5m available to upcoming companies.

Equity Gap.

With fewer venture capital firms offering to help early stage investments following the financial crisis, private investors are being asked to support startups with more capital and longer duration. Although, few have deep enough pockets of their own to fill these gaps between angel finance and venture capital.

Mr Deak said: “We’ve created a modern twist on the private investment club. We’re connecting hundreds of seasoned investors, many of them hugely successful entrepreneurs in their own right, with the most promising early stage companies.

“Our online platform means investors from anywhere in the UK – and much of Europe – can team up to support exciting start-ups. We aim to offer a select number of top tier deals to a vetted community of highly liquid, experienced and engaged individuals. We rely heavily upon syndication of the strongest investors in the market. We have also licensed the platform to other substantial angel networks which will help to build co-operation in the sector.”

In addition to accessing investment opportunities members will also benifit from being a part of a curated group of like-minded entrepreneurs and financiers, creating opportunities for advisory position within small companies and new sources of funding for their currently existing portfolio business.

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