Quanttus, The Future Wearable For Heart Failures.


Quanttus, The Future Wearable For Heart Failures.

There have been all sorts of talk when it comes down to wearable device, especially with everyone believe that they will be the next big thing for the technological world. It’s easy for the hype to build up for these products, but there are some serious innovation that needs to go on.

“What we’re going to see over the next couple years is going to be extremely exciting,” says Dan Ledger of Endeavor Partners, which consults with the companies that are inventing wearables. “As the technology improves … we’re going to get devices that solve a lot of useful and unique problems for a lot of people out there.”


Located near the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Quanttus, is currently trying to find a solution to those problems, The startup has called itself Quanttus due to its products will quantify human health, according to Vice President of Producer Development Jordan Rice. Rice had previously worked on a wearable technology at Nike, before Quanttus has recruited him.
Unlike much simpler step-counting watches, Quanttus products will have a cluster of tiny, sophisticated sensors. and object smaller than a fingernail can measure the body’s biological signals.

Rice wouldnt reveal on what exactly all the sensors tracked down, leaving that as a secret. Some of them will most likely record metrics like heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. The form of sensors will also not be revealed as well, they could be a variety of possible things, from a watch to necklaces or something entirely different.


Heart Tracker.

Co-founder of Quanttus David He, who found Quanttus after graduating from MIT, comments that his products will most likely become the first to be used on tracking patients with heart problems.

“Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer, and it all boils down to this pump inside your body … that drives everything,” he says.

He uses a car analogy to explain: “It’s like you’re an automobile and there’s the car engine.”

Wearables will still need a lot improvement, yet the innovation continues. A report that was released during February has show that over 79 different companies with wearable technology products and that not including the newest  or most recently established startups, like Quanttus.

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