Quanttus Wishes To Create A Wrist Mounted Health Monitor.


Quanttus Wishes To Create A Wrist Mounted Health Monitor.

Over the past couple of years tracking gadgets to keep a records of ones fitness along with application related to said fitness have appeared on the market for quite a while. With their, how many steps you’ve taken during the day or a rough estimation on calories that have been burned. To receive actual accurate information on how your body is doing from yesterday’s workout can be far more difficult.

A startup by the name of Quanttus has set up a base in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in hopes of being able to create a smart  watch that will give out insights continuously on a person heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure, which can be quite difficult to get a reading on accurately, with a wrist-mounted device. The data gathered from said device will be used as information to predict the current state of a persons health. This would not only involve in collecting a large amount of data but as well as applying algorithms to understand the data. Quanttus is hopeful in creating this device to help monitor any possibly existing illness, or to show others how their work out habit effect a persons health


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