Quest Solution, Inc Acquisition on Airframe Inspection Technology.


Quest Solution, Inc Acquisition on Airframe Inspection Technology.

Quest Solution, Inc, “The Company”, is pleased to announce under an irrevocable, perpetual and exclusive worldwide right and license, the acquisition of an Airframe Inspection system for commercial and military aircraft. The license, acquired from Rampart Detection Systems, will be held in the Company’s recently formed Intellectual Property Division which has announced gun safety and mining technology additions as well.

“Aviation Week estimates the Aircraft and Maintenance business is a $17.5 billion industry. We expect that selling this service on a savings basis will yield tremendous growth,” stated Kurt Thomet, President, Quest Solution, Inc. “Quest Solution possesses the reputation and leadership in our core company verticals as well as specific leadership in our new Intellectual Property division to pursue this enormous market opportunity.”

“Mr. Augie Sick, who recently joined our Board, will oversee the introduction of this dynamic technology in the commercial marketplace,” added Jason Griffith, CEO of Quest Solution, Inc. “I am greatly pleased by our recent acquisitions under our IP banner and that we have the specific management team to ensure a success. It takes both.”

Air Frame inspection system are: 

  •  Patent Pending Exclusive Technology incorporates a novel form of electrodynamic imaging, along with proprietary signal processing algorithms which employ rugged, highly sensitive sensors optimized for secure reliable service. 
  •  Aircraft are required by the FAA (Federal Aeronautics Association) to be C level and D level inspected at certain hours of operation. C Level inspections require up to 6,000 man hours and D level inspections require up to 50,000 hours and cost as much as $ 1M. These inspections are currently performed using X-Ray Technology which requires much disassembly of the aircraft to accomplish and take aircraft out of operation for weeks.    
  •  The System under this license is expected to reduce costs by as much as $250,000 to $500,000 per aircraft because of lower labor costs, faster inspections and more efficient overall inspection procedures. 
  •   This mobile solution has been tested on Sikorsky Helicopters with results that support the superior performance and time saving capabilities. 
  •     The Company is currently working towards obtaining strategic partners to establish pilot projects and take the solution out of the lab and into production.

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