A Quick Social Media CheckList For Your Startup


A Quick Social Media CheckList For Your Startup

Social media is an important part of both our personal life and worklife. Social media is extremely important when it comes to customer engagement and growth hacking for startups. Social Media can be a full time job and can require a lot of memorization and thinking. This is why it is always handy to have an efficient social media checklist to make your startup life much easier. In this checklist we’ll go through all the main requirements necessary for social media.

1.Social Media Accounts

First thing on your social media checklist should be ensuring that you have all your accounts in order. Make sure you have accounts on all the following platforms:

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr
  • Google +
  • Linkedin

These are the core social media platforms that you must have an account on for your startup. Depending on the type of startup, you might also want to register for niche forums related to your product or use vine & vimeo. Remember, every little thing helps, so ensure you have accounts registered on all the main platforms.

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2.Update Profiles

The next thing on your social media checklist is to make sure that you have all your profiles updated. Most of the social media platforms will have a progress bar that walks you through the entire process. The reason why you need to make sure that you go through the entire progress bar is because certain platforms might not let others discover you until you finish. Others will limit you, so that you cannot connect as well with your potential customers. Nevertheless, just complete the profiles, it’s usually not too difficult.

Moving down on your social media checklist, you need to make sure your pictures are in place. This means having a great profile picture that represents your company. This should not be a picture of you hugging your dog, unless that is your startup’s product. Ensure that all pictures are formatted correctly.

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3. Make Announcements

The third item on your social media checklist is to make announcements. Make an announcement on your latest updates or if you don’t have any latest announcements then you can always update a previous one that you haven’t announced yet. The point is to keep your fans engaged with your startup and update them so that they won’t forget you.

For Facebook and Twitter, this can mean making a short micro-post about an upcoming update tagged with a picture. For youtube & vimeo, this can mean creating a product update video. For Instagram, Flickrr, Dribbble etc. this can mean setting up a picture of your latest release.

4. Responding To Fans

This is extremely crucial for an early stage startup. An example would be an experience that I encountered with Jet Blue airlines last week. I flew from SF to LA using Jet Blue Airlines, and during the flight I made a quick tweet noting that I was on the plane. I tagged Jetblue’s twitter account onto the post and within minutes, they commented by wishing me good luck on the flight. This made me feel a good connection between me and Jet blue, so for my trip back, I decided to book Jet Blue as well. Now Jetblue, has me as a loyal customer.

Little things such as replying to your user, fans, audience is extremely important and doesn’t take that much time. Answering your customer’s question is extremely important as well. If it is a presale question, you want to answer it as quickly as possible, or else they might move onto something else.

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Automate Your Updates

It’s always best to tweet and post yourself, but sometime a startup environment can be time consuming and more work could be put into building your startup. Fortunately, we have tools to help us improve this process. Our tools can help us automate our social media checklist.

Most top influencer in social media do not actually make post or tweets by themselves. Most of the time, they either have an assistant do it, or automate it using either Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Both are excellent options for automating your social media, but if you are planning to do more than just Twitter it is best to use Hootsuite. Schedule all the important tweets and tweet them at the correct time.

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