The Quickest And Most Painless Ecommerce Platform For Your Startup


The Quickest And Most Painless Ecommerce Platform For Your Startup

We have been seeing a lot of ecommerce startups preparing for IPO lately. Ecommerce is an excellent way to either drive in additional revenue for your current startup or simply creating an ecommerce startup from scratch. Unless you have a solid developing team, it is best to use an existing open source ecommerce platform for your startup. Even if you do have a solid technical team, you might want to have them focus on your main project, while you can set up an ecommerce site. So, which Ecommerce platform is best?


Probably the best one in my opinion is Shopify. Shopify is extremely easy to use and easy to set up. Back when I use to work with Zencart, it would take days just to get a simple design up. Shopify makes it easy for you to design the site with easy color pickers. You could easily add products with full description in a few clicks. On top of that, Shopify has a large amount of dedicated outside developers developing extensions for regular users like us. Think of these extension as easy to use plugins that can do just about anything. Shopify is also known for excellent 24/7 quick customer service.


  • Extremely nice looking and easy designs
  • Hosted on their server so you never have to worry about crashes or server down.
  • Excellent Customer Service Support that runs 24/7 a day with anytime follow ups
  • Really simple and well built SEO system to increase your google rankings and exposure. Perfect for boutique shops or smaller startups
  • A mass amount of plugins and extensions that makes setting features up easy

shopify ecommerce


  • A lot of restrictions for the lower end packages.
  • Can get quite expensive
  • Payment Processing Fees
  • Permanent data hosting, so if you wanted to move away from Shopify it could be a hassle getting all your listed items out.

With shopify you have to be prepared for the heavy card payment and monthly hosting fees. Those fees can add up causing your ecommerce startup to lose profit. Nevertheless, Shopify is still the quickest and most painless way to jumpstart your startup’s ecommerce platform.

Get Shopify Here: Shopify


Although I still believe Shopify is the best option, Woocommerce without a doubt comes in second. Woocommerce is very easy to use and can do pretty much anything Shopify can do. Woocommerce is self hosted, and has a huge shelf of themes for you to choose from which can get quite confusing. Woocommerce is also 100% free.


  • Free
  • A lot of developers and extensions
  • No fees, only processing fee for your payment type such as Paypal etc.
  • Works on most WordPress Themes
  • Highly customizeable.


  • Can be quite confusing to set up on first use
  • Not all themes have great design.
  • Very little support (mainly from community)
  • Settings can get frustrating.

If your startup is bootstrapping or on a shoestring budget, then Woocommerce might be the best ecommerce platform for your startup, but if you have a little money to spend then consider Shopify. The best ones are always the ones that are manually hard coded by your engineering team, but that isn’t always the case.





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