QuiQui Delivers All Your Pharmaceutical Needs With Drones.


QuiQui Delivers All Your Pharmaceutical Needs With Drones.

A up and coming startup company called QuiQui has created a drone delivery system in the Mission District of San Francisco selling its 15-minutes service on basic pharmacy products. The project is still currently in its beta testing mode, but any customers who are interested can join the program by signing up on their website.

Drone Delivery.

QuiQui has spoken that it plans work with a fleet of low-flying delivery drones that will bring pharmaceutical items to the homes of people, within the duration of 15 minutes and become available on demand for any time of the day 24/7. The delivery will cost an amount of only $1 which will also include the price of the items that have been ordered, according to the sites info.

The drone service in charge of delivering prescription medication and other drugstore item, has been said to be eco-friendly, and runs on zero-emission electric power.

With San Francisco’ lowly built buildings and relatively flat area have made it an idea place for test to be conducted on the drone, which are directed through aerial maps. The city also has some very clam weather, with the worst being wings and small droplets of light rain at worst, which will barely affect the drones.

The Reason.

QuiQui commented on its use of drugstore items due to them being relatively small and easy to transport as well as something most consumers do not take a pleasure in shopping for.

“It was the most economically viable option with the most consumer pain,” the QuiQui website explained. “Nobody likes going when they’re sick because they don’t feel well, and nobody likes going when they’re well because there are a lot of sick people there.

“The pharmacy has traditionally been an awful experience. Now, it’s possible to forgo all of the pain of dealing with pharmacies and have your medication arrive via drone.”

Officials from QuiQUi have viewed the company in a similar manner to that of Uber or Postmates and have said that the pharmaceutical deliveries will fit perfectly into a growing service category thy have dubbed “on demand luxuries.”


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