Quiubas SMS API to Expand SMS Messaging Connectivity Globally.


Quiubas SMS API to Expand SMS Messaging Connectivity Globally.

Quiubas announced today a new multiyear agreement with Telefónica México, one of the leading telecommunication companies in the world, to implement the Quiubas Interoperability Platform to provide clients a greater mobile messaging reach.

“Quiubas is proud to establish this connectivity alliance so a one-point global messaging solution is offered to our client base,” said Jesús Cisneros, Vice President of the Mexican messaging company. “Working with Telefónica, we have improved our messaging platform to ensure our clients receive the highest level of reliability and excellent service with global telecom operators. Quiubas is developing specialized strategies in order to connect clients with a global messaging network. In fact Quiubas is one of the only messaging companies in Mexico and Latin America with this kind of reach and wide network delivering services on a global scale.”


Quiubas’ Interoperability Platform enables messaging consumers to connect to their network rapidly, reaching international MNOs using one network configuration and one testing process. New SMS destinations automatically become available as they connect to the Quiubas SMSC. The routing of SMS messages also includes mobile number portability and routing capabilities.

“Global reach has become a critical component of any operator’s SMS service, but establishing separate relationships among the world’s approximately 1,000 mobile operators would be costly, complex and time consuming,” said Angel Cisneros, President and Managing Director, USA, Quiubas. “Quiubas’ SMS Interoperability Platform provides a comprehensive solution for mobile messaging users to address this, and this will enable them to sign a single agreement to connect to numerous MNOs worldwide instead of multiple individual commercial agreements to establish those connections.”

Quiubas’ agreement with Telefónica builds on its recent momentum in Latin America. More than 100 operators and enterprises in Mexico and several other countries rely on Quiubas for a variety of solutions to provide messaging services for their end users. In addition, Quiubas continues to support the Government of Mexico’s Department of Telecom to modernize and update mobile service offer so better and more affordable services are available.


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