Quixey Are Planning To Dominate With New Search Engine For Apps


Quixey Are Planning To Dominate With New Search Engine For Apps.

A recent Startup by the name of Quixey, who have built a search engine that finds apps, has announced its Functional Search technology, which is suppose to be superior and improved content.

The Search Engine Features.

The feature allows the user to not only search for result on the type of apps based on their keyword input, but what is based on the users content as well. It will also be able to use it to search for services like Facebook, Open Table, or Yelp.

“It’s all the same information, but we just access it differently,” the company said in a blog post.”Unfortunately, mobile devices and the apps on them are a series of walled gardens, making it difficult for users to immediately access information within the little boxes arranged neatly on their home screens,” the Quixey team wrote.

The Goal To Even The Field. 

Developers have as of yet found a simple way of spreading their apps more intensively outside of search engines.

“Functional Search will also work toward opening up search and freeing developers from the master-slave relationship they have with search engines,” the Quixey.

The goal is to currently launch a new developer program that will assist in building application that are more searchable and indexed. any one who is interested can sign up on the Quixey site.The new feature for the search function is just a small step for Quixey, who have decided to try and bring ever developer to an equal field to present their services.

“An open Web is best for everyone involved, from developers and users to the businesses and services people search for, and we believe an open web will always win,” the company said. “This next Functional Search is a big step in


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