QuizUp, The Hottest Quiz Trivia Around By A Icelandic Startup.


QuizUp, The Hottest Quiz Trivia Around By A Icelandic Startup.

A small startup has taken up the gaming world in for a wild ride recently, finding success with its QuizUp trivia app and creating offer to leave its isolated Iceland headquarters in favor of sunny California Silicon Valley. The company in name is Plain Vanilla, has launched on Thursday with a Android version of Quizup, which has garnered over 10 million users, who have managed to play more than 1 billion matches on iPhone and iPad devices.

The Icelandic Turnabout.

Thor Fridriksson founder and CEO of Plain Vanilla, recently told the Associated Press that he plants to keep the company in its current home base in Iceland, just to show that it is possible to achieve even after the country has suffered through economic problems.

“Iceland has had a tough time since the banking crisis,” said Fridriksson. “I think if Plain Vanilla stays in Iceland, creates more jobs and shows other startups what’s possible, that’s a positive thing.”

During the autumn of 2008, Iceland’s three biggest banks went down under, causing the economy to spiral down with business shuttering, the currency utterly useless and unemployment rates climbed to unimaginable levels. The damage caused is still being recovered up to this day. Even with this somber atmosphere, Plain Vanilla successfully manage to stand out. With only 7 employees in the beginning and finally obtaining up to 45, Fridriksson said. Venture Capitalist have place a large sum of $30 million into the company, who manage to find themselves a niche in this competitive app business.

THINK FAST: Thor Fridriksson, the founder and CEO of Plain Vanilla Games in their offices in Reykjavik.

QuizUp Popularity.

The few things that make QuizUp player so attracted towards the app, is the choices among the 400 categories that range from questions about literature to sports, and even pop cultures. The really most popular categories such as Harry Potter, Spelling, Disney, and Celebrities.

“For me, it’s two things,” said Mike Wehner, the editor of The Unofficial Apple Weblog. “First, the ridiculous number of categories available means that there’s going to be something that everyone is an expert in. For example, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but of the shows I do watch, I know a LOT about them. So although I’d probably be really bad at a trivia game where general `TV’ was a category, I’m one of the best in the world at the Futurama category in QuizUp.”


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