RadioOpt Updates Smartphone Performance For “Traffic Monitor App.


RadioOpt Updates Smartphone Performance For “Traffic Monitor App.

Android users around the world who can’t imagine living without RadioOpt’s free smartphone performance and usage optimization app Traffic Monitor – including more than 3000 reviewers who’ve given it a perfect 5-star rating on Google Play – can now download version 6.0, and take advantage of some cool new additions that help them get even more out of their beloved device.

Traffic Monitor.

With zero ads and available at free, Traffic Monitor lets Android users analyze, evaluate and optimize their smartphone’s performance and usage through a suite of integrated features that include:

  • A Speed Test that measures 3G/4G network connection speeds and conveniently displays the results on a speedometer (upload speed, download speed and ping speed). Plus, users can track previous results and compare them to current readings.
  • A Coverage Map that displays network availability based on user location, and the availability of 3G/4G networks in the surrounding area. It’s a simple, reliable way to isolate the root causes of poor network performance.
  • A Voice/SMS Counter – accessed through a handy home screen widget — that lets users instantly see the number and duration of all voice calls and SMS, so they can accurately determine past data usage, and adjust their future usage accordingly to avoid overage fees.
  • A Data Usage Monitor that gives users up-to-the-second information on data consumption in both general terms, and on an app-by-app basis. There’s also a clever warning system to alert users when they’ve exceeded their specified data limit, and the app displays roaming data separately.
  • A Task Manager that provides an at-a-glance overview of all running apps, and gives users the opportunity to shut down memory-hungry apps and all of their associated processes.


And now in the newly-released version 6.0, users can enjoy the ability to:

  • Browse network coverage on a heat map, so they can determine the optimal provider whether they’re at home or abroad.
  • Check out the speed results of Traffic Monitor users in their neighborhood (the data is anonymized and no user-identifying of any kind information is transmitted).

“As many people around the world quickly discover, there’s a lot more to getting the most of their mobile experience than simply charging up their smartphone, turning it on, and connecting to a 3G or 4G network,” commented Anton Augsburg of RadioOpt. “And while troubleshooting problems and optimizing performance used to be a time consuming hassle and required a technical background, with Traffic Monitor we’ve made it fast, easy and reliable for users to demand more — and get more — out of their device!”

Traffic Monitor 6.0 is available now from Google Play at
apps/details?id=com.radioopt.tmplus. The app is offered at free, and with no ads.

For additional information, including screenshots, visit

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