Radius Networks Launches its QuickBeacon for OS X.


Radius Networks Launches its QuickBeacon for OS X.

Radius Networks, Inc., the leading provider of mobile proximity services, today announced the release of QuickBeacon for OS X, the virtual proximity beacon for Macintosh computers tailored specifically for enterprise, retail point-of-sale and hospitality environments.

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iBeacons are short range, Bluetooth Smart transmitters that can notify mobile devices when they come within 100 feet of the beacon. This micro-location proximity awareness can be leveraged to deliver a wide range of new innovative solutions, such as precision indoor navigation, automatic ticketing, guided museum tours and location-relevant offers and promotions.

“iBeacons are generally thought of as stand-alone devices using specialized hardware. QuickBeacon for OS X is a simple virtual iBeacon that runs in software on your Mac. We think QuickBeacon is the best way to leverage iBeacon capabilities with the Macs being used in enterprise environments, for home automation, in retail point-of-sale applications, for hotel registration and so many other applications,” said David Helms, Chief Product Officer at Radius Networks.

“QuickBeacon for OS X is going to change how people think about iBeacons,” said Chris Sexton, Director of Engineering at Radius Networks. “QuickBeacon is the perfect solution for enterprise environments. It takes seconds to install and it sits in your status bar, so you can set it and forget it. No batteries to run down, and it goes wherever your Mac goes, even when your Mac is asleep.”

“QuickBeacon for OS X is a great addition to our suite of iBeacon technologies that also includes our RadBeacon proximity beacons, our iPhone and Android ProximityKit SDKs and our cloud-based proximity services. QuickBeacon is going to open up a whole new set of customers in the enterprise, home and hospitality markets. Delivering QuickBeacon is continued proof that Radius Networks is the market leader in the enabling technologies that help developers deliver real mobile proximity solutions to their customers.”


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