Readyforce Acquires Chicago-based HireBrite.


Readyforce Acquires Chicago-based HireBrite.

Similar to The Common Application many high school students use to apply to college, HireBrite created a Common App for students to apply to multiple jobs and internships with one simple submission. Founded in 2012, HireBrite’s mission has been to make it easy for students and high-growth companies to connect on and off-campus.


As a graduate of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, located at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the HireBrite team started powering student recruiting programs for companies in the Midwest and focused on prestigious universities such as University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Northwestern and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2013, HireBrite powered recruiting efforts for the 1871 Google Tech Hub in Chicago and for 150 NYC startups through the NYC Tech Talent Draft program.

After building HireBrite for two years, co-founders Kasra Moshkani, Rolando Perez and Phillip Birtcher decided to join forces with a leader in the student recruiting space, Readyforce. Moshkani says, “We’ve built a recruiting platform that thousands of students have leveraged to find jobs at amazing companies. Readyforce has built the largest professional network for college students, and we’re excited to give our member students and companies even more opportunities as we join their network.”


Since the beginning of 2014, Readyforce facilitated connections between over 60,000 students and companies with students landing jobs and internships at both large companies like Microsoft and SpaceX but also hot startups like MongoDB, Apportable and InboxHealth. With the addition of HireBrite, Readyforce now has over 80,000 members and 4,000 campus recruiters in the network. Readyforce CEO, Alex Mooradian said, “We’ve been impressed with HireBrite’s progress over the last couple of years and timing couldn’t be better to bring the companies together with the academic recruiting season kicking off next month.”

Readyforce and HireBrite will continue to operate separately for now and long term plans include integrating HireBrite under the Readyforce brand.

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