Realsome – A Photo Sharing App With Social Networking.


Realsome – A Photo Sharing App With Social Networking.

Realsome – a photo sharing app based on feelings and moods – has launched on iOS and Android this week. Realsome makes photo sharing more social by doing social good and provides an alternative to how users share and explore content.

“We simply want to incorporate more feelings in photo sharing and do social good to through social networking,” founder Niels van Hove said. “We connect people through feelings rather than through a static ‘like’ option. As a businessRealsome redefines the ‘social’ in social networking, as we give back to the community.”

“Combining social networking with doing social good is not just an idea, it is our purpose!” Niels said. “We give free advertisement to social causes and social enterprises and Realsome has written in its constitution that it will share earnings with social causes.”

“I believe Realsome has found a sweet spot in visual communication” said Logan Merrick, co-founder at Buzinga apps and shareholder in Realsome. “Incorporating feelings, moods and social good in photo-sharing is new and has huge potential in combination with search and branding.”


Realsome gives users a range of feelings to choose from and gives an opportunity to create your own menu to browse and explore content based on moods or feelings. The young company, founded in 2013, has an exciting development roadmap. In the next release feelings and moods can be aggregated to explore what mood your friends are in. Or to understand what the mood is in your suburb, city, country or the world.

“We just started our journey, but our vision and purpose are clear” Niels said. “Let’s get real about photo sharing and make it more social!”

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