Recommend Secures $1 Million in Financial Funding.


Recommend Secures $1 Million in Financial Funding.

The first recommendation application that allows user to find the best advice from friends and experts they trust, is proud to welcome these new investors to join the 20 business angels involved in the first round of financing in April 2013 including Loic Le Meur (Seesmic, LeWeb), Patrick Jacquemin (Founder of Rueducommerce), Catherine Barba (ex Digital Factory and Malinea), Xavier Garambois (VP, Amazon European Consumer Business), Vincent Karachira (Founder and CEO of Next Performance).

“This round of financing will allow us to further accelerate the development of our algorithm and our products including a brand new Web App and upgraded versions of our iOS app in July 2014. We are taking a leap forward in the construction of our applications to reach all users. With these new features, our members will be able to choose wisely while saving a considerable amount of time.” Nicolas Mendiharat, founder and CEO of Recommend.

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Recommend is the first application that enables users to find the best advice from friends and experts they’ll trust, save their own relevant experiences and share them with the network.

  • It’s a memory tool to recall quality tips for user and their network.
  • It’s an influence tool for experts and taste makers.
  • It’s a solution that personalizes advice and focuses on the quality of the network’s relationships and trust instead of crowdsourcing from strangers.

Unveiled as an alpha version at LeWeb in December 2012, Recommend was selected as a runner up for best startup and officially launched its beta in November 2013. Since then it has been a finalist at 4YFN Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, selected at The Next Web’s Boost initiative, and has been featured as “Best New Apps” on Apple’s App store.

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