The Release of a New Real Estate Business Software Platform, iFlip.


The Release of a New Real Estate Business Software Platform, iFlip.

Managing a real estate business requires a lot of time and resources. From generating leads, estimating repairs, making offers,finding buyers, closing the deal and everything in between, there is a lot of time needed to keep a real estate business thriving. That is why Cameron Dunlap created his new real estate business software called iFlip.


iFlip is one of the leading real estate software platforms available. It gives real estate investors access to all of the tools and resources needed to automate their business so that they can focus on finding more deals and making more money.

Dunlap has been a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur for over two decades. He has been designing software, training courses, and resources for real estate investors. He teaches the most profitable techniques and strategies to use in this market.

Investors of all experience levels can use iFlip to help them make more money and do more deals in less time.

Karen, a current iFlip user, had this to say about how iFlip has changed her life, “I used to the majority of my time managing my leads, follow-ups, and offers. Now, I can leave my websites up, let my auto-responders do most of the follow-up, and generate an offer in minutes. Thanks to iFlip I now spend less time on the tedious tasks and more time finding the most profitable deals.”


All of the tools and features within iFlip have made this real estate business software platform one of the nation’s most reliable resources for investors. There are training and tutorial videos available as well, so using the system is a breeze. Not only that, but there are extra trainings to help investors learn more about lead generation, proper marketing techniques, website rank improvement, and so much more.

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