Remind101 Is Being Used By More Than 15% Of The Teachers In USA


Remind101 Is Being Used By More Than 15% Of The Teachers In USA

Remind101 is a startup based in the heart of San Francisco. The startup focuses on a product that allows teachers to stay in communication and send out text messages reminders to their students & parents. All of the contact informations are fully private and is all handled by Remind101. If you ever thought you could get away for not doing your homework think twice. Teachers can now notify the parents that their kids have upcoming exams to study for.


The entire sign up process could be completed through email or text message. The interface and UX is extremely straight forward and simple to use. Some features include:

Manage classes
Add up to 10 classes. Instantly send a message to a class of students or their parents.

Send a message
Send a message to every student or parent in your entire class. They receive it by text or email.

Schedule for later
Exam next month? Schedule and forget it.

Your history shows when and to whom a message was sent.
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With more than 15% of the teachers in the United States using Remind101, it will be a matter of time before the startup start diving into school board meetings. Teachers are loving it and it’s spreading like an ant farm within the teaching community. Here’s what some teachers say about Remind101.

I have been using Remind101 for 2 1/2 years. My students and parents love it. I love how it helps my students be more productive because they don’t have the excuse of ‘I forgot.’
Deborah Parker

Remind101 is awesome! I used it last year to keep in touch with parents, students, and for special school events! Texting is easy and fast…and can be scheduled ahead of time! Try it!
Kate Diaz

The startup is based in San Francisco and currently employs 17 employees along with a pet as apart of their startup family. Reach out to them or sign up for their program at:


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