Results From Japan’s Docomo Innovation Village Incubator


Results From Japan’s Docomo Innovation Village Incubator

We don’t hear about Japan’s startup scene too often. More and more startups are being created in Japan thanks to support from Venture Capitalist firms and incubators such as docomo innovation village incubator program which held it’s second batch demo day a few days ago. The incubator itself was established back in late 2012.

Latest Docomo Innovation Village Incubator Results

The Docomo Innovation Village lasted for about 4 months and the demo day occurred a few days ago. The demo day consisted of 6 minute pitches from the 6 participating startups. Here are the startups from the incubator.


ATLS is an app study guide for Japanese high school students who needs to prepare for their exams. Education in Asia usually involve a lot of pressure from parents and peers. This app helps make Japanese student’s life much easier by providing the necessary study material through the app.

The cool thing about ATLS is their time system, where you are given a certain amount of time per question. It then analyzes your data and use that data for future references. The app was chosen as a winner by Sony’s judges.


2. WonderBee

WonderBee is a wearable fashion tech blog/news site. The site covers all the latest wearable gadgets ranging from wristbands to glasses. Wonderbee also allow users to submit content and news articles. Most of it’s articles come from aggregated websites such as other major tech blogs. The site is pretty simple and consist mainly of a few follow buttons along with an article. It has a grid style similar for dribbble.

wonderbee incubator

3. Pozica

Pozica is similar to a CRM system for bigger businesses. The software is aimed towards cost reduction, better communication between manager, store owner, and employees, and improving quality & productivity. Pozica is aimed towards reducing turnover rates of part time employees by improving better communication. The system itself has a lot of in chat functions with the employee’s superior and many more other features.




4. Me: New

Me: New is another startup from Japan’s Docomo Innovation Village Incubator program. This is a mobile app startup that focuses on providing nutrient and health information to the user. The app provides a weekly healthy menu with recipe and pictures so that you don’t have to struggle with knowing what to eat or make. The app is aimed towards working moms or housewives who doesn’t have time to prepare and think about what to cook.



5. Spotomo

Spotomo is a multi platform mobile app that have a ton of tutorial videos from professional baseball players. The videos include drills, tutorials, how to swing the bat, positioning, strategy, and recommendations. It is for people who want to learn more about baseball and how to play it directly from videos created by the professional players themselves. The app currently only has baseball videos, but will be looking to expand into other sports as well.


6. Egao No Hon

Egao No Hon literally means book of smiles in Japanese. Egao No Hon is an ipad app that creates a photobook of your child with cool effects. With the app, you can take pictures or videos of your child and edit them by adding effect, changing background, having custom videos and fade outs all on your ipad. In a way it is similar to iMovie on your macbook. Kids love it, adults love it, and everyone is happy!



All these startups from Japan’s incubator did an excellent job. Hope we could see more incubator action in the near future for Japan!

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