Reverb Launches News Discovery App for iPhone and iPod touch.


Reverb Launches News Discovery App for iPhone and iPod touch.

Reverb Technologies has recently announced that its digital discovery application will now be available for iPhone and iPad touch. Reverb’s content discovery platform that excels at predicting a user’s interest and, more importantly, intentions and recommendations related and personalized content based on their reading habits. The user is eight times most likely to read an article recommended by Reverb compared with suggestion from other new application or sites.

“We take an entirely different approach to news discovery to deliver the most effortless and personal reading experience on a smartphone or tablet,” said Tony Tam, CEO and technical co-founder of Reverb Technologies. “Unlike a channel-based, popularity-driven approach that filters out information, Reverb gathers content from thousands of trusted sources to capture what is interesting and important for each reader, including news, long-form content, long-tail articles and links shared on a person’s social feeds.”

Word Wall.

The newly released Reverb for iPhone application, organizes news by topic in a vertical “word wall” in three distinctive view for easy browsing and fast navigation:

  • Top News: highlights the most current news and ideas trending around the world from trustworthy and popular sites
  • My News: Adapts in “real-time” to what you read in the app to deliver more of what you are interested in
  • Social News: aggregates all the links shared by a person’s Twitter and Facebook connections and distills them into topics and ideas on the word wall


The Reverb for iPhone application find content from thousands of source ranging from top-tier news outlet niche blogs, as well as readers from Twitter and Facebook feeds. The iPhone and iPad applications sync automatically to reflect the readers interest and collection across devices. Furthermore, readers will easily be able to share content they have discovered within Reverb through Twitter, Facebook, text message and email. User can also “favorite”article to save and read much later.

“Reverb’s unique, word-focused approach started with our first technology,, now the world’s largest online dictionary,” explained Erin McKean, founder of Reverb Technologies. “More importantly, Wordnik’s dataset and the massive technology platform we created to support it represents a map of the entire English language, which allows us to take a distinctly different approach to information discovery. Our data show that Reverb helps readers uncover new interests.”

The Reverb app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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