Rivalry Games, The Fantasy Football Startup App


Rivalry Games, The Fantasy Football Startup App

Rivalry games is a startup located in the heart of Los Angeles that allows people to play one day fantasy football on their mobile phone. Everyone loves having fun and setting up tournaments in fantasy football, but most leagues are long and last the entire season. Most of the time a season is just too long for the regular player. Some people like the excitement and some people like only playing one day fantasy so that they do not have to worry about a player being sick or being injured. In the last few years, there have been a lot of startups that have been creating one day fantasy sport games, but Rivalry Games is the first to make a complete and highly efficient Fantasy Football Startup App.

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How Does Rivalry Games Work?

The app is available in both the itunes store and the google play store. Simply download the app and sign up. You get the option to either play for cash or play for free. It has every feature that a regular fantasy game has. This includes smacktalking, swaping players, halftime, mid game bets and much more.  The app offers NFL and college fantasy games for each half. Earn points by picking a star-laden squad Eagles in the first half, and use those points on a 49ers game second-half matchup. What you do with your points is your choice. Focus on one game or play multiple games at once. The point system is extremely flexible and uses a credit system. Technology and startups are changing the sports and entertainment world.

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