Roku’s Astonishing Response To Google’s Chromecast.


Roku’s Astonishing Response To Google’s Chromecast.

Seems like Google’s very own Chromecast is getting some competition from from Roku with its recently released internet video streaming stick. In a similar shape to that of the Chromecast, Roku’s device is thumb-sized and can pluginto a TV’s HDMI port and send online streamed video’s through a Wi-Fi connection.

The Two Stream Sticks.

Roku had announced their device on Tuesday, with a price tag of $50, which is a bit more pricey to that of the $35 Chromecast. Google’s lower priced and brand value has managed to make Chromecast far more popular since its was released during last years summer.

Google hasn’t revealed any information on the sales of Chromecast, but sources such as have shown the device to be one of the second most popular electronics item to be purchased. The only thing currently surpassing the Chromcast in sales would be inc’s very own Kindle e-reader on the sites electronics section.

Its also possible that Cromecast sales may have been affected by Roku’s own line up of set boxes that have show of its use for internet videos. One of their latest boxes, the Roku 3, sells for a price of $99 and is currently ranked fifth place in electronics section. Roku inc. has mentioned that it has sold over more than 8 million of its video-stream device ever since the launch of its first box, six years ago.

The Advantages of Roku’s Device.

Roku have been selling other video streaming sticks since 2012, but that device can only work on TVs with either a mobile high definition or MHL. Which unfortunately is a special item considering the few TVs with MHL ports. HDMI tends to make up for almost all of the Television sets that have been sold over the past couple of years, which has increased the appeal of streaming sticks.

While Roku’s HDMI stock may be more costly then that of Chromecast, the company is relying on its assorted selections of application to appeal with customers. Roku has over 1,200 application or “channels as they have come to be named, that streams video’s of such places as, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Nextflix. Other welcoming apps include those from the NBA and Major League Baseball and comes with a photo and music services. The Chromcast only has a list limited to 14 apps on its site, which include HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Netflix.

Sites like are currently accepted pre-orders for Roku’s new stick to be delivered sometime next month. The device will be making appearances in stores as well.


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