Rover Barks Up $12M in Series C Funding For Pet Sitting Marketplace.


Rover Barks Up $12M in Series C Funding For Pet Sitting Marketplace.

It’s been recently announced that a seattle-based startup that works in the pet sitting marketplace, known as Rover, has managed to secure itself  $12 million for its Series C funding round.

The Investors.

A new investor by the name of Menlo Ventures where the ones to lead this round for the service that gets together dog owners and in-home sitters. Foundry Group, Madrona Venture Group and retailers Petco has also joined up during this round. Menlo Ventures also struck a deal where Sunil Raman and Venky Ganesan, will both be a part of the Board of Directors.

The total amount of Rover;s fundraising has risen to a total amount of $25 million. Rover has mentioned that the funds will be used to increase its workforce, attracting more customers, and enlarging its services and products, while investing in technology.


In a statement, Menlo Ventures’ Sunil Raman said, “Rover is a great example of the sharing economy at its best. It turns out that there are a lot of pet owners in this country, and Rover allows families to quickly coordinate overnight pet care. After getting to know Aaron and his team, we were certain this was a passionate group chasing a huge market opportunity.”

How Rover Works.

With Rover’s online marketplace, dog owners will now be able to be matched with verified and reviewed sitters. This includes to dog sitting and boarding, Rover also offers access towards other pet services, such as pet and sitter insurance, dog walking, veterinary consultations and the “Pooch Hotels” owned by Petco. Rover will also include an application that enables dog owners to connect with their pet’s sitter. this app will let them chat and share photo so that owners can be constantly updated with what currently happening with their pets.


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