Samsung Unleashes It’s New Streaming Service Milk Music.


Samsung Unleashes It’s New Streaming Service Milk Music.

Seems like even more music streaming services popping up as times goes on. From Google Music to Spotify, and recently new ones like Beats Music launching, there is a service for pretty much anyone. Samsung has decide to take it upon themselves to create their own, with the recently named Milk Music. Supposedly because its “fresh and organic”

The Comparison and Features.

The service seems to be based somewhat like Slacker and revolves around genres. The main user interface looks like a bunch of big dials filled with various genres. By the spinning the dial one can select the genre they wish to listen to and will rewards with a nice feedback. Spinning the more inside of the circle with show sub-genres in between stations. From there, the user can fine tune the station to play either popular songs, new songs, or even favorite song. A user can even create their own radio station based on various artist.

By sliding the menu to the right or hitting the menu button the user will receive some options. Thus allowing the quality of the station to be set, turning on explicit content, customization option for the dial, and much more. Another neat feature would be related to Samsung’s Air View. The genre selection dial will disappear after a while, and by bringing up a finger close to the screen, it shall pop back up immediately.

Available For.

This service is currently free and can be used with Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 3. The radio does not give any for both radio and pop up wise, with only the occasional “This is Milk Music” being the exception, and are allowed to skip up to 6 songs every hour. The service is currently only available for the U.S and no international date has been set for the moment.

Milk Music currently has no offline mode of any sort, Its currently only an online service, but will cache the first eight seconds of a station so the music can start playing instantly. The service is young, so there most likely to be some huge improvements in the coming year.


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