The Script Lab Launches All New TSL Network for Screenwriters.


The Script Lab Launches All New TSL Network for Screenwriters.

The Script Lab – the edutainment portal for screenwriters, filmmakers and content creators – today launched its new Software-as-a-Service offering, the TSL Network. Beginning today, screenwriters of all ability levels may create their free TSL Network account at; use the online service to securely share their work with fellow writers, personal contacts, and industry reps and producers; driving timely, actionable feedback from their readers.

“We’ve had 1,000 screenwriters use the online application during our beta testing period,” confirms Christopher Brenchley, TSL Media, Inc. co-founder and CEO, “and their response to the concept, the system and its capabilities has been overwhelmingly positive.”

TSL Network.

The TSL Network and its enabling technology were designed by writers for writers to expand the opportunity to get feedback on their projects and dramatically increase the security and control that the writer has over their screenplay’s distribution. “Using the TSL Network instead of file sharing on email or generic social networks can help writers ensure that their valuable work doesn’t end up in the wrong hands – at all stages of the development process,” says Brenchley.

In addition to enabling a new way to securely share written work online, the TSL Network offers screenwriters access to a global network of their writer peers and an online feedback engine to help them develop their craft. “Until they are ready to spend hundreds of dollars on paid coverage or notes services,” emphasizes Brenchley, “today’s writers are limited to sharing printed copies or digital files with friends, family and fellow writers already in their social and professional networks for feedback – often with mixed results.”

TSL Network provides its registered users with a suite of browser-based tools to securely share their completed or unfinished screenplays; track and manage the progress of their readers; evolve their work through page-level notes and customizable feedback templates; view feedback history over time; and create and join virtual writers’ groups.


The Script Lab’s parent company, TSL Media, Inc., has been conducting private and public beta testing of the technology under the ScriptNoted product name since August 2013. The ScriptNoted brand and user experience will now be focused exclusively on the company’s business offering – a secure screenplay management platform for industry reps, production companies and studios.

Concludes Brenchley, “Creating independent screenplay management offerings for our consumer and business customer segments allows us to fully serve the unique needs of each segment without compromise.”

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