Seattle Startup ImagiGadget, Energizes 3D Printing Industry.


Seattle Startup ImagiGadget, Energizes 3D Printing Industry.

ImagiGadget had previously launched its product line of Wave Hooks in January. After seeing its initial success, they had decided to launch two crowdfunding campaigns on Indigogo and Kickstarter. After only 10 days of of its launching the initial goal of $3,000 for each campaigned had surpassed the amount by a total of $18,329 worth of funding. 500,00 websites hits, 700 backers, and over 1,000 units on pre order.


There most popular product would be the Wave Hook Bath Tub Wine Glass Holder represents their most successful sale. Micheal Aylesworth, CEO of ImagiGadget, had announced on March 30, 2014 that ImagiGadget would be teaming up with contract 3D printers on MakeXYZ in order to ensure on time manufacturing and deliver of the ordered 1,066 unites.

 “In addition to producing the units in house, we will be outsourcing approximately $5,000 worth of contract 3D printing to the MakeXYZ community,” Aylesworth said.

According to Aylesworth, the average order for contract 3D printing cost $50, with previous experience in providing 3d printing and product development service on MakeXYZ in the past.

During an update in one of his videos, Aylesworth said that ImagiGadget will be pursuing a much larger expansion  of its successful Wave Hook production line by using a more traditional means and much higher volume in manufacturing technologies such as injection molding. “We are looking to injection molding having these products in national retailer outlets by September,” Aylesworth said in the video.

Bullish Expansion.

All the rewards for the crowdfunding campaign have been readied for orders to be fulfilled during May. New rewards will be added for the upcoming campaign in June.

“We want to be very bullish in our expansion, but also extremely conservative and respectful of those backers who invested their money early on and expect their product on time,” says Aylesworth. He continued: “Bringing a new product to the market is very exciting for us as the inventors and manufacturers, but when you see this kind of viral excitement in the market place, everyone from consumers to investors get a really incredible experience and sense of accomplishment.”

The Wave Hook Wine Glass holders are available for $15 on per order and Aylesworth has said  that the wholesale pricing will become available once the injection molding process is up and running, which will most likely be during this summer.

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