Secret App Now Available On iOS


Secret App Now Release On iOS

Secret, a mobile sharing app, was released for the ios version yesterday. The app was created by former employees of Square and Google, David Byttow and Chrys Bader. The basic idea of the app is to allow users to anonymously share secrets with members within their social circles. The design for Secret is excellent, however the idea has been used by similar apps. Before the release of secret, there was an app called PostSecret, that had a similar functions. In China there is also a popular startup app that is called “secret” as well and has similar functions. The startup received a 1.2 million dollar in early seed funding.

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Secret App

The whole goal of the secret app is to allow regular users to express their secrets or feeling anonymously. Founders David Byttow and Chrys Bader hates it when people criticize their thoughts, so they thought of a better way for people to share their ideas. You can post nearly anything on Secret and will remain 100% anonymous. You can make your words stand out in Secret by adding background photos that you can adjust to match your style.

 Secret only launched four days ago, and what we’ve seen has been nothing short of inspiring. Thoughts have been shared across the country that are honest, moving, hilarious, and contrary to expectations, rarely inappropriate. This reaffirms our belief that anonymity can foster positive change in the world.

Is Secret Really “Secret”

The startup founders David and Chris guarantees that the information within the app is 100% safe in their database. Secret uses a high encryption from the Google servers. All transmission sent over the wire is encrypted with TLS within Google’s app engine. All message data is encrypted before being written to the datastore. Keys are stored in an off-site keystore service that rotates keys. Images and other post are stored in the Google Cloud storage. Google is known for having excellent security and individuals, so security and privacy should not be an issue the upcoming startup Secret.

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How About Contacts?

As soon as you log onto the app, it prompts for you to invite your friends through your contacts. This feature, according to Secret, is only an invitation and will not share any of your data. The app does not send any contact information straight to their servers.  Instead, the app locally hash the contact details first, which the server then uses to compare against other hashed values. Secrets aren’t delivered to people on your contact list or any people that you invite to use the app. The app has a complex generator that determines people with related interest and connects each of the users together.

Check out Secret app directly at their website:


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