Security Firm Shadow Networks Secures Itself A $10M Funding Round.


Security Firm Shadow Networks Secures Itself A $10M Funding Round.

The formerly known as Zanttz inc company, Shadow Network, has recently managed to secure an amount of $10 million in funding round. It’s been reported by sources citing the company’s filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Those involved Investors from the Silicon Valley-based security firms that includes, Yaletown Venture Partner, Paladin Capital Group and two other as of yet to be named venture capital firms. Yaletown Venture partners provides seed investment for startups in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, while Paladin Capital Group looks for investment opportunities in the security and defense segment.

Additionally, Shadow Networks was also able to get Cisco Systems Chief Secuirty Officer John Stewart to join as a part of its Board of Directors as a result of the financing and also due to its extensive contracts within the industry.

The Inner Networkings.

Shadow Networks technology is based on developing for the US Government in forms of virtual environments where Cyber attacks can be replicated by programmers, which has been dubbed as “Advanced Threat Deception.” The main websites has explained on how they deal with today’s increase breed of threats called Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs.

“Today’s Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are specifically designed to evade traditional perimeter and endpoint defenses, to live inside networks often for months, undetected. Shadow Networks work to deceive and disrupt attacks under the assumption that they are already operating INSIDE the customer network, helping to protect an organization’s critical resources that are the ultimate target of the APT,” the site said.


Shadow Network not only addresses those basement-dwelling amateur hackers but large hacking groups that have been blessed by the government that are usually covered by these APTs. The company’s Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer Eric Winsborrow, has explain their technology to be similar to that of the Matrick with its putting security breaches in the virtual network. He told TechCrunch in an interview, “[And] like agents in the Matrix, these honeynets can show up anywhere in the network at any time.”


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