SEE Forge Gains $1 Million in Seed Funding Led by Mercury Fund.


SEE Forge Gains $1 Million in Seed Funding Led by Mercury Fund.

A Houston-based venture capital group by the name of Mercury Fund was the one to lead this funding round, which also included Correlation Ventures as wel as a number of top Oil and Gas experts. See Forge will be utilizing this recent funding to expand its mobile and analytics platform and to support its rapidly growing customer base focused on Oil and Gas.

“Mercury Fund and our other partners joining the team is extremely exciting,” said James McDonough, CEO of SEE Forge. “Having investors who understand energy and are aligned to solving these serious challenges will help accelerate our vision of lowering operational costs and reducing risk in energy operations.”

Lowering Risk.

Founded in Perth, Australia during 2012, See Forge provides a cloud-based solution for improving operational efficiency and lowering possible risks. By providing its employees with a single application that combines any process and all existing systems, See Forge’s solution eliminates the necessary need for paperwork and spreadsheets so that companies can monitor and perform predictive analytics in real time. See Forgeis currently in the SURGE Accelerator program and shall graduate by May 21, 2014.

“The theme of consumerization of IT is something we have been focusing on at Mercury Fund,” said Blair Garrou, Managing Director at Mercury Fund. “We have seen a lot of mobile workflow solutions serving various industries, but See Forge’s solution is the first we’ve seen that can be applied across many industries, which was very interesting for us.”

Save Money.

Companies have the tendency of wasting billions of dollars a year on inefficient site based processes. Paper, Excel and legacy systems frustrate employees and place vital operations at risk. Employees demand a fast and simple consumer experience. SEE Forge provider real-time window into operations uncovering risk and opportunities for improvement that have never before have set their sites on.

“We invested in SEE Forge because of the entrepreneurs; James McDonough (CEO) and Chris Bjorklund (CPO)” said Kirk Coburn, Founder and Managing Director of SURGE Accelerator. “The founders are operational experts that have spent years in the field understanding customer needs. We have seen many other startups in this space, but none of them with this level of expertise and focus on delivering an easy to-use-product.”

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