Setting The Record Straight About Google Glass.


Setting The Record Straight About Google Glass.

Seems that Google has gotten tired of all the of hear all the negative rumors that have been circulating around the Glass technology, a wearable smart device that has not been released toward the public yet or even gotten a official release date, but which has nevertheless been a debatable discussion item for the past year now. This Thursday, Google had decided to publish a blog titled “The Top 10 Google Glass Myths,” a list of items created to debunk certain statements that have been surrounding Google Glass by everyone form the tech industry to private obsessed activists.


The list includes a bunch of allegedly untrue items like “Glass is the ultimate distraction from the real world,” “Glass is the perfect surveillance device,” and “Glass is banned…EVERYWHERE.”. Each of these myths are on the list and have been motivated by issues that have been related to Glass during on going discussions.

Some people have expressed worry with Glass becoming a full fledged computer screen right in front of people’s faces and leading towards distracts from everyday living experiences. This has created a bit of controversy about whether or not Glass users should even be allowed to wear the device while driving their vehicles. Google defends by saying that Glass will offer the user the best of both worlds, by providing the same capabilities of a smartphone, such as navigation, photography, text messaging, while providing them in a that will allow users to access these function while interacting with their surroundings.

Privacy Issue.

Another big issue with Glass, is the supposed threat it presents to privacy and that many places have already began to ban the device, where also another topic Google has worked on to disprove on their blog post. Questions on privacy have become incredibly difficult for Google  to deal with since Glass’s first announcement, as it has placed a camera right in front of the user eye level and could supposedly allow them to covertly capture footage of others. Google has began to downplay these claims, stating that the obvious nature behind glass would prevent it from become a true spying device, and continues to claim that Google Glass would pose little no threat to privacy than a cellphone camera can do.

Google is completely fine with all the bans Glass has garnered since its release, no skin off their bones. Like the myth blog pointed out, smartphones where originally banned and restricted in certain places during its release, places like casino floor rooms to locker rooms. Google expects the same treatment for Glass as well.


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