Shaolin Monks Visit Google, Tries On Google Glass


Shaolin Monks Visit Google, Tries On Google Glass

Traditionally, Shaolin Monks have always been a secretive and feared group in China. Shaolin Monks are known for their martial arts, buddhism beliefs, intensive training, and many more. Shaolin Monks were not eligible to teach their techniques to outsiders. Everything changed when the current abbot, master Shi Yongxin, took over the Shaolin crowd. Shi Yongxin is a well educated man that wants to modernize the Shaolin temple. Under his leadership, the Shaolin monks have been much more involved in public events and have been much more open about their teachings.

Shaolin Monks Visit Google

A few days ago, the Shaolin team uploaded some pictures of their visit to Google. The pictures clearly showed that they not only tried on the Google glass, but also tried out other Google product as well. The Shaolin team ended the meeting with a top notch performance.

google glass

The picture above shows the Abbot (leader) trying on the Google glass. Even though he seems kind of confused in the picture, he really isn’t. Abbot Shi Yongxin isn’t new to the technology world. He understands technology extremely well and has been slowly adding more and more technology based education to the Shaolin monks. The abbot believes that technology is changing the world and that martial arts should change along with technology. He wants to see the shaolin temple to grow with technology but not allow technology to take over our lives. Abbot Shi Yongxin is one of the first shaolin monks to ever obtain a college degree.

The San Francisco group of Shaolin monks also joined in with their performances. Laszlo Bock was Google’s main representative for this event. This was apart of the Shaolin Monk’s on going tour in the United States.

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