Shine Up The Night With The Digital Flash Light Known As Luxor.


 Shine Up The Night With The Digital Flash Light Known As Luxor.

PLX Devices has recently started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of releasing this brand new, revamped and digitized version of the old classic flashlights. Luxor, the name of the device, is far different from other flash lights with its ability to focus light from any wide angle to even a narrow spot view. The flash light do not require any sort of fancy lenses to be purchased or movable parts.


Luxor has a software of sorts by the name of Digital Focus system that allows the light patter to better fit to the human eye for a full range effect. The lighting focus is greatly amplifies the ability for a person to see in their surrounding area where the peripheral vision can be used to its full affect. No other flashlight in the current market can offer the intelligence and sophistication that a Luxor can pull off.

With the light being shined upon areas that you currently need it will allow the person to work far much better then they would with a normal flash light. The Luxor also solves the problem of when a batter is nearing its death, with its Battery Monitoring System or BMS. The BMS is controlled by a computer that learns how the flashlight is being used and the desired options the user has set the Luxor on, such as focus levels or brightness. The system will give you a precise date on how much time is left for the battery life is remaining before they go empty.

The luxor also has a digital switch instead of the normal physical button like most other flash light come with. This is prevent degradation and damaging of the device and guaranteed continues use, it also has the advantage of reacting in different manners depending on how the user taps on the digital button. The Luxor is also made of some very durable rubber that guarantee to make it water proof, so no need to worry about using it out in the rain or near large amounts of body water.


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