A Shocking App That Can Read Emotions Through Google Glass.


A Shocking App That Can Read Emotions Through Google Glass.

Recently San Diego-based Emotient has managed to find a way for everyone to have a chance at reading emotions. The company had announced this past Thursday that it has managed to develop a Sentiment Analysis prototype application for Google Glass which will allow the wearers of the smartglasses headset to read the emotion of anyone that within the wearers field of vision.

“Emotient’s Sentiment Analysis Glassware demonstrates our goal to emotion-enable any manner of device and build the next layer of automatic sensors,” said Ken Denman, CEO, Emotient, via a statement. “It’s a breakthrough technology that allows companies to aggregate customer sentiment by processing facial expressions anonymously. We believe there is broad applicability for this service to improve the customer experience, particularly in retail.”

The Emotional Feature,

The software will be able to process facial expression thus informing the wearer of Google Glass accumulated emotional read-out. This application can measure the overall sentiment, which include negative, positive or neutral expression, as well as emotions that include surprise, sadness, fear, contempt, disgust, anger, joy and even advanced emotions such as confusion and frustration.

The wearer doesn’t require the permission of the individual that is being monitored by the application as it can supposedly  detect and process anonymous facial expression from any person or groups of people that the Glass wearer sees.

Google’s Safety.

Luckily the app does not record and store any images or videos, and Emoteint has said that any analysis will be done anonymously. PC Mag has managed to confirm with Google that it would not “add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in place.” Of course, this still doesn’t mean the software will be easy to avoid.



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