Shopping-Data Gigwalk Raises $10 million in Series B funding.


Shopping-Data Gigwalk Raises $10 million in Series B funding.

Gigwalk, a Software enterprise startup has recently managed to raise $10 million for its Series B funding round.

This round was led by Randstad Holdings and Nokia Growth Partners. With previous backers SoftTech and August Capital also participating for this round once again. This recent financial round has managed to bring them over $17.7 million in total funding ever since the San Francisco-based firm launching three years back.


Bob Bahramipour, Chief Executive officer of Gigwalk, has said that at the current moment there are over 500,000 “Gigwalkers” on their platform. This network of individuals basically work on “visibility” tasks to check if the direct marketing efforts and campaigns done for customers are being done correctly. For instance, if a company where to roll out a campaign aimed towards big chain grocery stores, Gigwalkers would go to the store and determine if its being carried out and follow in by giving their feedback.

While this kind of compliance check may not be a very common thing, but Bahramipour has guaranteed that it works. With a Interview with Venture beats he said,  “It let’s [clients]see something that is otherwise hidden. It’s connecting tissue to see what they’ve never seen before.”

Making Bucks.

Gigwalkers are encouraged to do these tasks by earning a certain amount of cash for each one successfully done. Gigwalkers main website invites all it user to “Get out there. Make a few bucks for that movie opening this weekend, or make an extra pay check: it’s up to you. Download the app for iPhone or Android and get started making money right away, in your own neighborhood.”

Matt Crampton, Chief Technology Officer and the brains behind Gigwalk creation. Bahramipour has stated that companies are will to hand over funds just to ascertain that the million they allocate for promotion and product launches are actually being used to full affect. While there are other rival software enterprise companies like SAP and Oracle, its still the only kinds to exist due to them providing an actual physical checking courtesy of Gigwalkers.

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