Shots, The Selfie Application Reaches 1Million Selfie-Takers.


Shots, The Selfie Application Reaches 1Million Selfie-Takers.

Selfies have continued to grow even more popular as times goes one, but just how famous they have gotten is pointed out by Shots, a selfie application for iPhones, that has recorded over 1 million downloads within just 5 months. Accroding to a report, Shots had launched back in November, but has reach over 1 million users, most of them are made up of teenage girls

“Seventy-five percent of the users are females under the age of 24. On the whole, roughly 75 percent of the application’s users are active on a monthly basis, with average time spent in the app totalling 20.53 minutes per person. Each account also uploads, on average, 2.4 photos per day,” According to a spokesperson.

Positive Reinforcement.

Shots had gone out of their way to encourage its user to share positively and cut down on any negative sharing that often seen on other social networking sites., Shots does not allow user to post any comments. The only thing they do have to for users to reply, is a feature named “reply shot”. which is used to reply back with a selfie.

“All members can reply to the selfies they find in their stream with a shot of their own, but the original poster will be alerted to the reply only if the photo commenter is a person they follow on the application,”

John Shahidi, co-founder and CEO John Shahidi, sated that Shots has reduced the anxiety that younger people tend to experience when sharing on the Internet by allowing them to have users respond through selfies only and not comments.


In order to keep the photos authentic, Shots allows its users to change the exposure levels and does not provide any filters, Shahidi added, “We’re focused on quality content. And the content is real, authentic photos.”

Pointing to sources of funding, Shots has managed to receive over $2.6 million in seed funding, The San Francisco-based company has been said to employ up to six people, which includes an impressive list of celebrities like Justin Beiber.

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